Welcome to my youtube page!

Here is my youtube if you didnt see it from the home page: My Youtube:.

I started uploading video onto youtube on that channel in 2011 or another year (I have since deleted all the videos and even if I were to try to get them back it would be too much of a hassle due to that they are on my old broken computer my dad purchased in 2006), I had lost access to it in 2015 but I regained access in 2015 aswell, I started uploading videos onto the channel for fun like nonsense land and bopimo videos, But in 2020 I had hit 50 subs (I think) I was overjoyed at the fact I had 50 subscirbers and I quickly uploaded more videos and clips. Soon after I reached 100 subs, I was over the moon with happiness that this many people subscribed to me and I began to upload goodblox videos which people really loved! In my short journey already I have 800 subcribers and no plan to ever quit uploading youtube videos, Thank you all.